Where did my echo go?

I’m standing at the top of a gorge and yell out “Cooee” and in anticipation I wait for the echo…… nothing. Usually I hear my call out back as an echo. I straighten myself out and stand tall and yell out even louder “Cooee”. A short wait and yet I hear nothing. I’m getting frustrated now and I shout even louder as my lungs feel like they are going to burst “COOEE, COOEE, COOEE” exasperated I wait and still I hear nothing, not a glimmer not even a faint hint of a returning voice. What happened to my echo? Where did it go? Continue reading

The requirement of change

The status quo always remains unchanged, otherwise it would not be the status quo.

So, what do we expect confronted with aspects of life that perhaps need change? Do we simply wait in hope that change will come and in a good way?

In the small everyday things through to the larger matters of life, are we going to contribute to bring about good change or keep waiting?

P.s. there is an open invitation to contribute to change, the world wants you involved.