I wrote a paper

And it’s cool.

It’s taken me a while to release this, I had been waiting for certain ducks to line up, some have aligned, however while the rest are waiting, it’s time to be a bit excited and share it.

I also had to stop my wife from stealing my keyboard, for some reason she is really annoying today, but also very cute and sexy.

Honestly the paper is a little boring in that it’s all about the way we use technology, the way that’s changes over time and that for some organisations the catch up is slow.

I also take a moment to reflect on who will help with these things in the future.

We are sitting in a cafe, and he is onto his second flat white, all concerned about telling people about his paper. He thinks he might be showing off. Which is proof he isn’t, and even if it comes across that way: SO WHAT! You worked so hard on it and you deserve some recognition.

The paper has been published by the International Conference of Information Technology and Applications. I am so thankful that they were so willing to receive and publish this paper and associated thoughts.

It has a boring title, like many of these things, but have a read. For those in small business and technology, these ideas may resonate. Feel free to share further thoughts and ideas.

Stay tuned as one of the ducks coming is an interesting one.

I like ducks. We would love to get some ducks and chickens but our dogs would find them delicious with soy sauce.

Here is the link before my wife grabs the keyboard…..again


Hope you enjoy it, I had a fun time researching and writing it.

2 thoughts on “I wrote a paper

  1. Mike’s Weird, I love the blog!
    Your writing style is SO similar to mine.
    For instance, you used the word “that” 3 times in one sentance in your research paper:
    “Often, I find that through this learning that I’m often
    outperforming others that I’ve helped over the years.”
    This is something I regularly do.
    Great read Mike BTW, and to get it published is amazeballs!!

    • ‘That’ is such a funny word right, and to use it three times seems odd, but is grammatically correct. #LOL. I’m glad you liked it, there is the possibility of other things related coming up shortly, will keep you in the loop.

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